Scholarships / Awards

The cycle for undergraduate student scholarship applications for the AY 2015-16 is now closed. If you’d like to apply for a scholarship for AY 2016-17, please review options below and check back in January 2016 for a link to the application.
Scholarships available to graduate students are located in the Graduate Studies section of our website, here.

The Alex McGuiggan Scholarship: Undergraduate Creative Writing Scholarship

Alex as a CU freshman (Chatauqua CO, October 2007)The Alex McGuiggan Scholarship was first awarded in Spring 2010 in memory of Alex McGuiggan, an English major at the University of Colorado-Boulder. It recognizes the achievements of an undergraduate English major studying creative writing, with a preference for students whose strength is in writing poetry. Alex was an astute observer of human behavior known for his wry sense of humor, mastery of the art of friendship, and unwavering commitment to following his own path. The ideal Alex McGuiggan scholar should share not only Alex’s passion for writing and other forms of creative expression, but also these personal attributes.The award is $2,000 to be applied to student tuition.

2015-16 award recipient: Kim Swendson. Read winning entry: McGuiggan Winner 2015-16 Kimberly Swendson
2014-15 award recipient: Kaleena Kovach.

The Curtis Michael Gimeno Memorial Scholarship: Undergraduate Creative Writing Scholarship

Curt&DonnaThis scholarship benefits students with a creative writing emphasis who exemplify promise of talent in communicating through the written language, and wish to pursue a career in writing. The scholarship was generously established by Donna Jorgenson Farrell in memory of and as a legacy to her son, Curtis Michael Gimeno, who enjoyed writing.

2015-16 award recipient: Atherton Phleger. Read winning entry: Gimeno Winner 2015-16 Atherton Phleger
2015-16 award recipient: Kim SwendsonRead winning entry: Gimeno Winner 2015-16 Kimberly Swendson
2014-15 award recipient: Stefanie Cochrane
2014-15 award recipient: Chris Dinkel

The Dick Shahan CU-Boulder Undergraduate Writing Competition: Undergraduate Creative Writing Award 

DShahanUMCsmCreated by English alumnus Dick Shahan in 2014, the writing competition gives all CU-Boulder undergraduate students a chance to use their imaginations and to demonstrate their writing skills in a variety of different genres, as well as to celebrate the larger Boulder community. The competition is expected to generate an annual prize for the winning entry within one of two categories—fiction or non-fiction prose. Categories will alternate each year. (Non-fiction is the category for Spring 2016 with a prize up to $2,000.) Every entry must have a connection to Boulder.

2015-16 award recipient: Bailey WalkerRead winning entry, Bluebirds: Shahan-Winner-15-16-Bailey-Walker

The Gentian Ascension Scholarship: Undergraduate English Scholarship.

Gentian-Ascension-Scholarship-LogoInitiated by English alumnus Art Kaufman ’76, this scholarship is established to benefit an undergraduate student who has overcome significant academic obstacles and shows talent as a writer. The award amount is $1,000 to be applied to student tuition.

2015-16 award recipient: Cassia MauxRead winning entry: Gentian Ascension Winner 2015-16 Cassia Maux
2014-15 award recipient: Heather Cohen

The Harold D. Kelling Essay Prize: Undergraduate Literature Award

This prize was set up in 1979 as a fitting memorial to Professor Kelling, an excellent scholar, writer, and teacher. The author of the winning essay will earn a $1,000 prize, to be applied to student tuition. Depending on the quality of the essays, a second prize may be awarded.

2015-16 award recipient: Leslie SelcerRead winning entry: Kelling Winner 2015-16 Leslie Selcer
2014-15 award recipient: Lauren Thurman

The Joanne Easley Arnold Award: Undergraduate Literature Award

The Joanne Easley Arnold English Scholars Fund is a two-year award designed to recognize a top English major in honor of the donor, Joanne Easley Arnold. She is a graduate of the English Department, B.A. ’52. This scholarship is housed in the English Department to represent Dr. Arnold’s gratitude for the solid and inspiring four years she spent here. Dr. Arnold, a long-time CU-Boulder professor and administrator, endowed this award to give outstanding students special financial and intellectual support. Only top performing students in the English Department’s gateway courses (ENGL 2102 and ENGL 2112) are eligible to apply. These students will be identified at the end of their sophomore year by grade point average by the department and invited to submit an essay. The essays will be evaluated by department officers and the best essayist will receive a $2,000 scholarship (to be applied to tuition) disbursed over two academic years.

2015-16 award recipient: Michael CohenRead winning entry: Arnold Winner 2015-16 Michael Cohen
2014-15 award recipient: Leslie Selcer

Jovanovich Imaginative Writing Award Competition: Undergraduate Creative Writing Award

The Creative Writing Program Announces the Jovanovich Imaginative Writing Awards Competition. The Jovanovich prize is an annual award for excellence in poetry, fiction, playwriting, or nonfiction prose. Two awards of $500 each will be available, to be applied to student tuition.

2015-16 award recipient: Aimee AndersonRead winning entry: Jovanovich Winner 2015-16 Aimee Anderson
2015-16 award recipient: Kim SwendsonRead winning entry: Jovanovich Winner 2015-16 Kimberly Swendson
2014-15 award recipient: Heather Cohen
2014-15 award recipient: Lauren Thurman

Robert Manford Tobin, Jr. Scholarship: Undergraduate Creative Writing Scholarship

This scholarship benefits students in the College of Arts and Sciences. The scholarship was generously established by Adrianne Wonnacott in memory of Robert Manford Tobin, Jr. Rob, a CU Boulder Business graduate, was always creating, be it written stories or natural photography; even painting, drawing and music. Rob was a dedicated teacher in all aspects of his life, leading by example with integrity and perseverance and through joy and wonder at the world around him. The amount of $500 will be awarded to the best creative writing story, and will be applied to student Fall and Spring tuition.

2015-16 award recipient: Atherton Phleger. Read winning entry: Tobin Winner 2015-16 Atherton Phleger
2014-15 award recipient: Kaleena Kovach