Works in Progress/WIP

chrysalis.jpg__225x1000_q85The Works-in-Progress Colloquium (or WIP) is an ongoing series of presentations, sponsored by the English Graduate Student Council (EGSC), designed to workshop and showcase graduate work in all theoretical fields and historical periods. Through the WIP Colloquium Series, we aim to increase discussion and engagement between the sub-disciplines represented in the English Department, and foster a strong intellectual community of graduate students of all levels and in all fields. The presentations are free and open to the public, and we welcome participants from all stages of the MA or PhD program. We would like to encourage the participation of those students who have rarely had the opportunity to present work, as WIP allows for both practice speaking and the generation of constructive feedback.

The Colloquium holds 5 to 6 meetings per semester in the Dilts Lounge (located on the first floor of Hellems).  This semester we will be meeting from 12:30-1:30 PM on Wedsnesdays (and, as always, lunch will be provided).

The majority of our meetings will consist of a 20 minute presentation followed by a discussion-based Q+A period of 30-40 minutes.  However, with the success of the two nontraditional, collaborative meetings held last spring, we are open to submissions for panel style or other unorthodox formats as well. This could be an avenue to collaborate with others in the department–even those outside your field. For this particular format, we would like to encourage students to design their own panels and find participants before e-mailing the EGSC. Depending upon the level of interest, we would be willing to devote more sessions to this format if needed.

Dates for Spring 2015:
Coming soon!

If you would like to present at any of this semester’s meetings, please fill out and submit the registration form below. For those interested in a nontraditional format, include a brief description of your intended presentation. Current co-directors for WIP are Logan Blizzard and Alyssa Quintanilla. Contact us at for questions or comments.

Best Practices for Presenters:

1)   We encourage you to invite any faculty members and graduate students with whom you’d like to share your work. If you are unsure of who might be a good interlocutor, feel free to ask the EGSC. The EGSC will provide general publicity for your presentation in the form of a flyer posted on the department board and an email to the ego list on the Monday before your talk.

2)   Please notify the EGSC 2 weeks before your presentation of any audio/visual needs you have.

3)   While we strongly discourage canceling your presentation, we ask that you arrange for an alternate presenter if for any reason you cannot make your presentation. Please notify the EGSC as early as possible via email if you must cancel.

4)   The success of the WIP series depends on the community of graduate students in the English department to act as the audience for each presenter; if you are presenting your work during the semester, we strongly encourage you to come to as many other presentations as possible.

Registration Form

Please fill out the following form, if you would like to present your work at our WIPs. Sessions are held on Wednesdays from 12:30-1:30pm in the Dilts Reading Lounge, Hellems 124.

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