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International English Honors Society

Alpha Iota Sigma Chapter, University of Colorado Boulder

Our Purpose: Sigma Tau Delta’s central purpose is to confer distinction upon outstanding students of the English language and literature in undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies. Sigma Tau Delta also recognizes the accomplishments of professional writers who have contributed to the fields of language and literature.

For more information and to apply for membership, visit the Sigma Tau Delta website.


Creative Arts Journal – Editorial Staff

Walkabout is an all student-run publication that celebrates undergraduate creative work of all kinds. If you are an artist, poet, or writer, we want to see your work! Submit fiction, poetry, and visual arts as attachments to: and you could see your work published during the spring semester.

Walkabout is seeking creative, passionate, and dedicated people to join our 2013-2014 Editing Team. Visit our website for position descriptions and application materials: 

Applications along with one letter of recommendation are due on Thursday, March 21, 2013.

For questions or for more information, email us or find us on Facebook or on the web at:


The CU Literaria Society is an undergraduate-run student group dedicated to making literature fun. To accomplish this goal, we hold a weekly book club,  host on-campus and off-campus events celebrating English, and publish two annual journals. Through these outlets, we allow students an opportunity to experience a sense of community as well as get real-world experience in literary discourse, editing, and publishing. More information can be found on our website, There are several newly created officer positions that are open to dedicated individuals. More details:
  • Palimpsest Journal is one of the longest-running journals on campus. Started in 1992, it has grown tremendously over the years into an internationally recognized creative arts journal. We accept poetry, short stories, excerpts from novels, photography, music, and every other form of creative expression that one can put on paper. This culminates in the Palimpsest Festival. Typically held in a local cafe, those who were published are invited to present their work as well as mingle with other artists. We are currently in the middle of accepting submissions for the 2013 journal. We are also looking for enthusiastic students to take part in the construction of this journal; expect work to start around the beginning of the Fall 2013 semester. Our website,, has all requirements for submission.
  • Consortium Journal is a scholastic journal, focusing on research and similar papers. This journal is international as well, and is open to submissions from all backgrounds. It is released in tandem with the Consortium Crossdisciplinary Conference, a two-day long event which combines submitters into panels; these panelists present their work and springboard off each other to discover connections between their research and their fields. We are currently open for submissions, and you can find all criteria on In addition, we have editorial board seats still open. This is an excellent way to get into publishing; expect work to start immediately.
  • English &… is one of our on-campus events. This two- to three-hour long conference centers around finding previously unconsidered connections between disparate fields. Two professors, one English, another from different discipline, present how their fields are intertwined in ways that many would not have guessed. Previous years have had discussions such as English &… Video Games, English &… History, English &… Law, and others. This year’s is currently in consideration, and thoughts are welcomed.


CWCW is CU’s Undergraduate Creative Writing Community Workshop, a monthly student-run group for poets and fiction writers with the goal of bringing together writers within CU’s community to foster a networking family of creatives. Meetings revolve around critique and workshop outside of the classroom. It’s a place to come for honest, meaningful feedback on a regular basis, and a place to connect with other writers, expand your own boundaries, and engage with new ideas.To find out the time and location of CWCW’s next meeting, join their Facebook group or contact President Allison Colburn.