Internships | Independent Study

The department of English encourages internships and independent studies, both of which reward self-motivated students with custom-tailored educational experiences.

Permission for an internship or independent study begins with the student contacting a faculty sponsor.  If a student has an idea for an internship or independent study, but does not know a potential faculty member, the Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies can help arrange one.

Once a faculty sponsor is selected, the student should complete the relevant form, have their sponsor sign it, and submit it to Students Services for approval.

Refer to the internship webpage from Career Services for information and opportunities:

Other helpful internship links:

  1. Internships Quick Tips PDF
  2. CU-Boulder Arts & Science Internship Application PDF

For Further Information Please Contact:

English Undergraduate Student Services

Hellems 111
University of Colorado, Boulder
Campus Box 226
Boulder, CO 80309-0226

English Student Services: (303) 492-6434

William Kuskin, Acting Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies: (303) 492-6434