The Honors Program in English

The English Department offers outstanding students the opportunity to intensify their course of study through special honors courses and Latin Honors, which is achieved through writing an Honors Thesis.

The Honors Program in English functions in conjunction with the Arts and Sciences Honors Program. Students have the option to apply for General Honors in Arts and Sciences instead of completing Departmental Honors. Visit http://www.colorado.edu/honors/graduation to view information on this option, as well as access the form to register to graduate with Honors, and  view semester deadlines.

Students interested in completing Departmental Honors in English should review the requirements in the following document:
Departmental Honors in English

English Departmental Honors Application (also available in HLMS 111)

For further information please contact:

English Undergraduate Student Services: ssengl@colorado.edu or (303) 492-6434

Hellems 111
University of Colorado, Boulder
Campus Box 226
Boulder, CO 80309-0226