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The undergraduate experience is life changing. During your undergraduate years you will grow socially and intellectually in powerful ways. We offer three pieces of advice to our undergraduate students:

Be proud of yourself. You have made a powerful decision to go to college, and the University of Colorado Boulder is an excellent school. Take a moment to be proud of yourself.

Reach out to your professors. Don’t be an anonymous student, a name and number in a gradebook. Instead, make the most of your time here by going to your professor’s office hours. Your visit needn’t be about your academic performance, although you certainly can ask for help. Simply asking your professors what they want and telling them why you are in their class will open up your education.

Don’t give up. It’s hard to finish a degree. It wouldn’t be valuable if it were easy. Remember, you are in college to take risks and to learn about yourself and the world. When things look bleak, take stock of what you can learn, and move ahead.

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