Fall 2015 Undergraduate Courses
Fall 2015 Graduate Courses

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Additional CU courses offered by other departments:

  • CHIN 3311 The Dao and the World in Medieval China. Daoism is the least understood of the great World Religions.
    Founded in the second century A.S., Daoism began as a communal religion with a universal priesthood and strict codes of conduct. It soon evolved meditation and visualization techniques to explore the universe and the micrcosm within the body, and alchemical methods to transfrom them. For more information: CHIN 3311 The Dao and the World_Fall 2015
  • HIND 3811 The Power of the Word: Subversive and Censored 20th Century Indo-Pakistani Literature.
    Taught in English – 3 Credits. Approved for Arts and Sciences core curriculum: Human Diversity.HIND 3811 Power of the Word_Fall 2015
  • ARAB 3340 / HUMN 3093.001 Representing Islam. This course will explore the cultural politics of representations of the Arab and Islamic world,
    with an emphasis on literary representations of the Islamic world in travel narratives, historical texts, and novels from both the Arab world and the West. Drawing on various texts (primarily literary, but also historical, anthropological, and visual), we will consider the ways that “Islam” and Muslims have been narrated, from European Orientalist imagings and writings about the Arab and Islamic worlds, to cultural encounters of a contemporary, post-9/11 world. This course will be taught in English
    ARAB 3340_Representing Islam_Flyer 
  • ARAB 3330 / HUMN 3093.002 The Arabic Novel: Modernity and Identity. Focusing on the novel genere in the Aribic tratidion,
    this course will examine both the qualities of the genre as an artistic form and the ways it has depicted the intervened in the modern social, political, and cultural movements and events that have shaped the Arab world in the 20th century. As a seminar in literature and critical theory, we will be using a range of historical and literary texts and examining novels produced from various national politics, and literature in the modern Arab world. This course will be taught in English
    ARAB 3330_ArabicNovel_Flyer
  • JWST/HEBR 1030 Biblical Hebrew This course is designed to enable students to read the Hebrew Bible in the original language.
    The focus will be the ability to read the various genres of the text, utilizing both the tools of modern language acquisition and the study of classical grammar methods. This class is an amazing opportunity that can count as a language option for students. For enrollment, please contact instructor Zilla Goodman: 
  • CMDP 3840 Sound Practices Explores the aesthetics of sound through the study of sound art and sound culture.
     Reading and discussion covers theories, technologies, and histories that drive the medium. Students apply concepts by designing and building their own soundscapes. Classes will be organized around hands-on activities, lecture, and discussion of readings. For permission, please contact the instructor: Hunter Ewen

Audit Program

If you are age 18-54 and you’d like to audit a class, check out the Bursar’s Office or Continuing Education for details. For Colorado residents age 55 and over, the university offers a special senior auditor program. Refer to information at CU Boulder Alumni Association.