The Department of English here at CU-Boulder is the home of literature in all its forms. As the largest humanities unit in the central western United States, we are known for our cutting-edge research and deep commitment to teaching, mentoring, and innovation. Whether you love Virginia Woolf or are crazy about writing poetry and fiction, you will meet people who share your obsession.

We offer two undergraduate major concentrations culminating in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) — one in literary criticism and one in creative writing. We also offer minors in both of these areas. The concentration in literary criticism emphasizes the history and analysis of literature from Chaucer and Shakespeare through Comic Books and Hip Hop poetics. The concentration in creative writing teaches the skills of fiction and poetry through small, workshop-based studio courses. These programs overlap so that all English majors learn the skills of literary criticism and the art of excellent writing.

If you are interested in pursuing degrees beyond the BA, we offer three graduate programs: an MA and a PhD in English Literature, and an MFA in creative writing. Each of these programs includes a rich array of challenging coursework, coaxing you to develop critical and creative skills to an advanced level.

Welcome to English.