Media Archaeology Lab Gets More Buzz

DigUpMALJuly 28, 2014: The Media Archaeology Lab (MAL), created and operated by Assistant Professor Lori Emerson, is getting yet more attention on the world wide web. A recent blog, called The Creators Project, features Lori and the MAL in “Dig Up Dead Tech at The Media Archaeology Lab,” an article by Johnny Magdaleno.

According to their website, The Creators Project is a “global celebration of art and technology. Founded by a revolutionary partnership between Intel and VICE, The Creators Project celebrates visionary artists across multiple disciplines who are using technology in innovative ways to push the boundaries of creative expression. We seek to inspire new and emerging artists by showcasing the infinite possibilities presented by the advancement of modern technology. The Creators Project is proud to have showcased more than 500 artists from all around the world.”

In the blog, Magdalena explains the origin and purpose of the MAL, and features several visiting artists/writers and their work. The projects these artists in residence have produced are fascinating expression of our culture and era, particularly in a computer age. Magdalena also remarks that the MAL’s “collection … is brimming with pieces—so much so that they’re no longer taking donations. But with the unveiling of each new gadget, the one just behind it gets closer and closer to being put on the shelf. To keep up, MAL might one day need an actual museum space.”

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