Teaching Policies & Contacts


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Department of English Main Office
William Kuskin, Chair (on leave AY 13-14)

David Glimp, Interim Chair

Hellems 101  


Ruth Ellen Kocher, Associate Chair for Creative Writing Hellems 101F 492-8953
Jeanine Reinke, Assistant to the Chair Hellems 101 492-7382
Vacant, Publicity & Outreach Specialist Hellems 101 492-7995
Tasha Reynolds, Administrative Assistant Hellems 101 492-7381
Department of English Student Services Office
Jane Garrity, Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies Hellems 111A 492-2868
Paul Youngquist, Associate Chair for Graduate Studies Hellems 115 492-8643
Rogelio Garcia, Undergraduate Academic Advisor Hellems 08 492-7883
Shawn Adrian, Undergraduate Academic Advisor Macky 220 735-0137
Christine Luft, Undergraduate Academic Advisor (no new students) Hellems 08A 492-7922
Cynthia Ocken, Graduate Program Assistant Hellems 115A 492-6594
Geej Kester-Meyer, Undergraduate Program Assistant Hellems 111 492-6434
Department of English AY2013-2014 Special Events
New MFA Student Orientation Session Aug. 21-23, 2013
New MA-Lit Student Orientation Session Aug. 21-23, 2013
New Doctoral Student Orientation Session Aug. 21-23, 2013
Graduate Student Reception to welcome new and continuing English graduate students, faculty, staff and their guests. Aug. 23, 2013 – 5-7 PM   Koenig Alumni Center
Department Appreciation Event Dec. 10, 2013 – 4 PM      Koenig Alumni Center
Department Winter Graduation Recognition Ceremony Dec. 20, 2013 – 2 PM
Eaton HUMN 1B50
Department Spring Graduation Ceremony May 9, 2014                                           Mary Rippon Theatre
Academic Support Services Provided by Department Faculty and Staff
Academic Advising Undergraduate:

  • Jane Garrity
  • Rogelio Garcia; Shawn Adrian


  • Paul Youngquist
  • Ruth Ellen Kocher
Academic Scheduling Geej Kester-Meyer
AVM Equipment (Department’s) Front Desk (HLMS 101)
Benefits Jeanine Reinke or Anna Fudale (FCS)
Book Order and Desk Copy Questions Contact Publishers directly
Change of Record forms Geej Kester-Meyer (Undergrad); Cynthia Ocken (Grad)
Classroom Assignments Geej Kester-Meyer
Class Cancellations Tasha Reynolds  (492-7381 or engldept@colorado.edu)
Computer Lab for Faculty Members Hellems 151
Copier (access codes, repair, copy limits) Tasha Reynolds
Creative Writing Program/Workshop Applications Geej Kester-Meyer
Department Website TBA
Facilities Management Requests Tasha Reynolds
Faculty Course Questionnaire (FCQs) Tasha Reynolds
FAX (long distance) requests Tasha Reynolds
Grading Geej Kester-Meyer
Financial Service Center Liaison Jeanine Reinke
General Information Regarding University/Department Tasha Reynolds
Honors Program Geej Kester-Meyer
Instructor Complaints
  • Paul Youngquist
  • Jane Garrity
  • Ruth Ellen Kocher (CRWR)
Keys Tasha Reynolds
Office Assignments Faculty members/ Part-Time Lecturers/Instructors: Jeanine Reinke, Tasha Reynolds
GPTI: Tasha Reynolds
Parking Permits Jeanine Reinke
Payroll Jeanine Reinke (faculty/sr instructors/instructors); Cynthia Ocken (PTLect/GPTI/TA) or Anna Fudale (FCS)
Registration Assistance
Geej Kester-Meyer  (Undergrad); Cynthia Ocken (Grad)
Special Action Forms
Geej Kester-Meyer (Undergrad); Cynthia Ocken (Grad)
Special Room Reservations Geej Kester-Meyer (for Classes), Tasha Reynolds (for events & other)
Student Complaints Undergraduate:

  • Jane Garrity
  • Ruth Ellen Kocher (CRWR)


  • Paul Youngquist
  • Ruth Ellen Kocher (CRWR)
Teaching Assignments Jane Garrity, Ruth Ellen Kocher; Paul Youngquist