Undergraduate Creative Writing Minor

This 18-credit minor is open to non-English majors.
The completion of the minor requires ENGL 1191: Introduction to Creative Writing (3 credits) plus four additional writing workshops taken in sequential order (12 credits) and ENGL 3041: Studies in Poetry and Fiction (3 credits).

Creative Writing Minor Requirements

Completion of the minor requires 18 credit hours:

-ENGL 1191/Intro to Creative Writing plus four additional workshops taken in progressive order (15 credits)

Lower Division Creative Writing Workshops:
ENGL 1191: Intro to Creative Writing (not repeatable)
ENGL 2021: Intro to Poetry Workshop
ENGL 2051: Intro to Fiction Workshop

Upper Division Creative Writing Workshops:
ENGL 3021: Intermediate Poetry Workshop
ENGL 3051: Intermediate Fiction Workshop
ENGL 4021: Advanced Poetry Workshop
ENGL 4051: Advanced Fiction Workshop
ENGL 4071: Scriptwriting Workshop
ENGL 4081: Playwriting
ENGL 3081: Intermediate Creative Non-fiction

-1 literature course (3 credits)
ENGL 3041: Creative Writing Readings course

Note: At least 9 hours of upper division course work is required.

For more information, please contact the English Student Services Office.

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