Inside the head of an English major

Mary Klages, Associate Professor of English, asked her students of ENGL 2112: “What kind of questions do English Majors ask?” They discussed the many queries they have of literary works and produced a substantial list. Using Word Cloud, Professor Klages compiled the list and made a visual representation for the text data depicting the most prominent…

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Graham Jones featured in Boulder Weekly

1/16/15: Boulder Weekly reporter Elizabeth Miller recently featured Steven Graham Jones in an article on the whys and hows of horror, at least writing it. Says Miller, "[Jones approaches] being a writer like carpentry; some stories flow from a place in need of bloodletting, and some simply need to be hammered together. He prides himself on being able to take those…

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The Gutter! graduate student group discusses X-Men and Y: The Last Man

We'd like to invite you to join us in The Gutter!  First meeting will be next Thursday, January 22, from 6:30 to 7:30 in the Mabel Van Duzee room in Norlin. "The Gutter" is a graduate student reading group that provides a space for graduate English students to critically read and discuss comics, as well as workshop their writing in the field of comics.  The Gutter's…

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Stephen Graham Jones signs new book at Boulder Book Store

January 2015: Stephen Graham Jones will discuss and sign his latest book, After the People Lights Have Gone Off, at Boulder Book Store on Wednesday, January 21, 7:30pm. About the Book: The fifteen stories in After the People Lights Have Gone Off explore the horrors and fears of the supernatural and the everyday by one of our most beloved horror writers, Stephen Graham…

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Veteran professor Paul Levitt delivers inspiring commencement address

Professor Paul Levitt, whose work in the English Department has spanned the last 50 years, delivered an inspiring and reflective address for commencement graduates December 19, 2014. "On this special day, I wish to speak of time and memory, joined each to each. Although we speak of time as past, as present, and as future, we cannot live in future time, though we often…

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Walkabout seeks submissions

12/8/14: Walkabout Creative Arts Journal is seeking submissions from creative undergraduates at CU-Boulder. Walkabout accepts submissions on any topic in the genres of art, poetry, and fiction. Check our website to read guidelines, to see features on creative campus personalities, to view digital copies of previous journals, or to submit your work. Submission deadline is…

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Ruth Ellen Kocher’s Ending in Planes recently published and reviewed in Publishers Weekly

October 2014: Ruth Ellen Kocher's most recent book, Ending in Planes (Noemi Press, Nov 2014), was recently reviewed in the prestigious Publishers Weekly: "This sixth effort from Kocher—one of two this year (the other is Goodbye Lyric)—resounds with frighteningly deep feeling and makes a big presence out of physical form, even though these pages are also full of white…

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ELN publishes Imaginary Cartographies

October 2014: English Language Notes released its spring/summer 2014 issue (52.1) entitled, "Imaginary Cartographies." ELN is dedicated to interdisciplinary and collaborative work among literary scholarship and fields as disparate as theology, fine arts, history, geography, philosophy, and science. Special issue editor is associate professor Karen Jacobs. Senior editor is…

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MS 350 IndentureSM

Medieval Materiality: A Conference on the Life and Afterlife of Things

This national conference brings together scholars from across the disciplines of history, art history, and languages and literatures to reflect on and converse about what some have called the "material turn" in medieval studies. This term refers to the recent flourishing of interest in materiality -- both the objects themselves (books, relics, inventories) and what their…

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Guest speaker Diana Maltz offers advice on Broadview Editions

Since the mid-1990s, Broadview Editions have profoundly enhanced the way we teach literature at the university level. They differ from Penguin Classics and Oxford World Classics paperbacks through their inclusion of social and historical appendices at the end of the primary text. These appendices illuminate cultural issues and debates from the time period of the novel, and…

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How to apply to graduate school

English professors Janice Ho, Karim Mattar, and Maria Windell, as well as graduate students Alex Corey and Allison Shelton will speak to undergraduates about the practical mechanics of applying to graduate school. They will discuss topics such as: How do you write a successful statement of purpose? How important are GRE scores? Whom do you ask for a letter of…

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Creative Writing Reading Series: M. NourbeSe Philip

NourbeSe Philip is a poet and writer and lawyer who lives in Toronto. She is the author of five collections of poetry and two novels, as well as various essays, dramatic pieces, and short stories. Her most recent collection of poetry, Zong! (Weslyan University Press & The Mercury Press, 2008) is an extended poetry cycle based on a legal decision at the end of the…

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Sue Zemka: Time and the Moment in Victorian Literature and Society

Sept 2014: Recently published in paperback, Sue Zemka's book, Time and the Moment in Victorian Literature and Society (Cambridge University Press, August 2014), explores the ways in which England, under the influence of industrializing forces and increased precision in assessing the passing of time, attached importance to moments and events that compress great significance…

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Vannevar captures reaction following deadly shooting

Sept 9, 2014:  On August 17, 2014, a handful of  Vannevar contributors, friends, and English Department faculty members participated in a march through Boulder, CO to protest the recent actions of police agencies in Ferguson, MO, and to demonstrate solidarity with that community in the wake of the shooting of Mike Brown on August 9. After the march, Vannevar staff…

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Penny Kelsey: Reading the Wampum examines sacred tribal belts

August 2014: In her new book, Reading the Wampum, chosen by Syracuse University Press as Director's Choice for Fall 2014, Penny Kelsey explores the aesthetic appeal of sacred tribal belts and provides insightful analysis of how readings of wampum belts can change our understanding of specific treaty rights and land exchanges. Syracuse University Press…

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Faculty photo: Noah Eli Gordon

PW Publishers Weekly interviews Noah Eli Gordon about MFA program

August 25, 2014: Faculty member of the Creative Writing Program, Noah Eli Gordon highlights the English Department's MFA program. In a recent interview with PW Publishers Weekly, Gordon says, "Our program is small and focused, driven by the energy of our active and accomplished faculty and the camaraderie among our students and the burgeoning local literary scene, a loose…

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Teresa Toulouse contributes chapter to book on religious transformations

Terry Toulouse's chapter, "Reader . . . Behold One Raised by God": Religious Transformations in Cotton Mather's Pietas in Patriam: The Life of His Excellency Sir William Phips, Knt.," has just been published in Stephanie Kirk and Sarah Rivett's volume, Religious Transformations in the Early Modern Americas, by the University of Pennsylvania Press. Cloth and e-book editions…

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Richelle Munkhoff: “Poor Women and Parish Public Health in Sixteenth-Century London”

September 2014: Richelle Munkhoff publishes article, “Poor Women and Parish Public Health in Sixteenth-Century London,” in Renaissance Studies 28.4 (2014): 579-596. This appears in a special issue on Women and Healthcare in Early Modern Europe, edited by Sharon Strocchia. From Wiley online library: While there is much excellent scholarship on the topics of poor…

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Paul Levitt: The Denouncer

August 2014: Paul Levitt's new book, entitled The Denouncer (Taylor Trade Publishing), is another great story of deception and intrigue, set in the tumultuous and war-torn Russian in the late 1930s. Denunciation became so commonplace under Stalin that people regarded it as their patriotic duty to spy on others and even expose members of their own family. The original…

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Ruth Ellen Kocher selected for prestigious PEN award

July 30, 2014: Ruth Ellen Kocher, professor and associate chair of the Creative Writing program, has won the 2014 PEN Open Book Award for her book of poetry, domina Un/blued (Topelo Press, 2013). The PEN Open Book Award with a prize of $5,000 is awarded to an exceptional book-length work of literature for an author of color. The PEN Award is given by the PEN American…

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